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Communication may be intentional or unintentional, may involve conventional or unconventional signals, may take linguistic or nonlinguistic forms, and may occur through spoken or other modes but one thing is for certain… good communication is at the heart of every successful business !

Technology helps businesses communicate

We are fortunate that in the 21st century we have more ways of communicating than at anytime in our history and yet so few businesses embrace and deploy the technology available to them.

Take a stroll around Info Quick’s website to see the many different techniques that a business could adopt and if it rings a few bells then don’t put it off just communicate with us… 

Here to help your business

Listed below are a number of ways in which we can help your business and whatever way you think we can help… take action and communicate with us NOW!


“We are getting increasingly concerned about online fraud and whilst we have not had any problems we cannot afford to be complacent!”

More than ever before businesses need to put in place authentication processes to ensure when they’re dealing with customers, online or offline, it is their customer! Adding another level of security doesn’t resolve the problem but its universally recognised as a way to minimise fraud.


“I don’t need anything complicated I just want to send my customers a reminder they have an appointment next week and handles the replies!”

A perfect example of how automated SMS can help to reduce missed appointments because technology never forgets! A basic reminder solution designed around your businesses requirements, can be created through a flexible and cost effective PAYG system!


“With many staff working at home & communicating with customers on social media, we are concerned about security of data when they use ‘personal’ social media”

We integrate WhatsApp, Messenger and SMS into a single communication/marketing platform. Given consumers demands to engage with businesses in the way they are most comfortable, then it makes sense to have this capability at your disposal!


“So much of our staff time resources are taken up with repetitive calls where identical data is being taken from each caller… it’s just not productive.”

For many tasks like this Info Quick are able to build an automated system that is extremely easy for the caller to use, gives them confidence their call has been worthwhile and releases valuable staff time resources. Why not try our demo system!


“i had no idea what a QR Code was before the Covid Pandemic. I now know exactly what they are and I now really want to use them in my business”

These strange looking bar codes are now seen everywhere and although they’ve been around for almost 30yrs, it is the touchless environment that the Pandemic forced upon us that has made consumers realise exactly what they are! But they don’t have to be boring as you will see!


“We spend a lot of our advertising budget online nowadays because it is easier to evaluate our return on investment than with a local newspaper”

Info Quick have developed a quite unique system that enables a business to assign KEYWORDS into their offline marketing activities that on usage will allow consensual engagement with those users even if they’ve abandoned their shopping cart!!


“We are planning to open a new branch 50 miles away next year and want to carry out some market research in the area but not sure how best to manage this!”

A combination of voice and text messaging can provide a superb way to carry out a survey linked closely with a businesses marketing strategy, irrespective of whether that’s through print advertising, flyers, newsletters and even editorial.


“I often wonder how much business we lose because all our lines are engaged and the caller just cuts the call and goes off to one of our competitors!”

It only needs to be a few calls these days and social media will spread the word very quickly that you can never get through! Info Quick resolves this issue with tailor made voice to text applications where the text of that call is emailed to you immediately ! 


“We’re still using a good old fashioned physical handset for taking all our calls even though all the staff are sat in front of a monitor!”

Well as the saying goes “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and that is very true. However Info Quick can build a virtual call centre that will enhance considerably the effectiveness of how a business engages with their customers, and prospective customers,  even for the smallest of businesses.


“We are considering exporting to Europe and need to do some local research but don’t want to make any financial commitments  at the moment.”

Info Quick provides temporary International numbers in over 70 countries for both voice and text or a combination of both so that interaction is far more likely and the costs reflect the short term nature of the research.


“Reviews are important these days but our experience is that not many customers respond which we think is more to do with them not reading emails rather than a problem with our business!”

Around 98% of all text messages are opened and read compared with around 23% of all emails! A move to a simple Automated text message review application could play a significant role in resolving this issue!


“We know that printed vouchers have had their day and that mobile vouchers are far more effective, easy to administer and authenticate but the costs are probably way outside our marketing budget.”

You may be surprised to find that our voucher and rewards systems are not only built to a businesses specific requirements but that most of our profit would be generated through Usage Fees.


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