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Businesses still advertise in glossy magazines and whilst circulation figures are nowhere near what they used to be there is no doubt that consumers still buy them, as indeed they still buy newspapers, and so naturally they’re going to potentially read your advert!

But unlike online advertising it is difficult to gauge the level of any interaction with readers and is the main reason why advertisers have focused their marketing strategy away from print advertising. 

However it is still well worth considering because technology has advanced to a point where it is now possible through image recognition, QR Codes, voice technology, bots, social media integrations and both AI and AR, to capture the attention of consumers and maintain consensual engagement with them to build trust in your brand… a vital component of sustainable marketing. The marketing of a brand can encompass many different forms… flyers, exhibition signage, printed catalogues, business cards, indeed any physical object where you’re promoting your product or service!

But businesses often find it difficult to manage interactions that are spread across several applications with the inevitable use of Chat and SMS by their staff on their personal mobiles in dealing with customers. This is bad practice and considerably increases security risks for a business.

Info Quick are in the process of building what we believe will be the answer to this issue, where everything from setting up campaigns, handling responses and ongoing engagement are all under one roof… irrespective of whether it’s SMS, MMS, WhatsApp or Messenger!

Consumers demand delivery of data into their mobile and want to engage with brands through the channel they are most comfortable with. Businesses need to understand and embrace this fact then make certain they’re in a position to handle it with ease… Info Quick will be delivering this very soon!

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“I don’t want anything complicated I just want to send my customers a reminder they’ve an appointment with me this week!”

A perfect example of how automated SMS can help to reduce the number of missed appointments and increase profits because technology never forgets. A basic reminder solution designed for the myriad of reasons a businesses would need, can be created through a very flexible and cost effective PAYG system!


“We are getting increasingly concerned about the instances of online fraud and whilst we have not had any problems we cannot afford to be complacent!”

Now more than ever before businesses need to put in place authentication processes to make sure that the person they’re dealing with, whether that’s online or offline, is who they say they are! Adding another tier of security doesn’t have to cost a fortune and Info Quick can provide cost effective solutions.

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