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In any organisation there will be routines that are carried out every day that staff find tedious because they are repetitive! This is not only an ineffective use of staff time resources but it can lead to mistakes and mistakes can seriously damage a business.

As an example many businesses receive inbound customer calls that could be dealt with just as effectively through an automated process… even providing some positive advantages such as !

  • Releasing staff time to complete more productive tasks
  • Capturing valuable data from those callers
  • Data sent directly to a CRM system saving even more time
  • Adapting to a change in processes, no matter how complex
  • 24/7 data capture ideal for out of hours services


You’re a busy Estate Agency that manages over 400 properties and regularly receive calls from tenants reporting non urgent repairs and every one of these calls can take up to 5 minutes to deal with by staff!

As soon as they establish the call is not an urgent repair then instead of taking down the information manually they send a text message to the tenant whilst still on the call. They’re told to follow the instructions in the text, the repair will be registered and they’ll receive confirmation of that from the system… this would be a one minute call maximum !

But probably most effective would be a simple change to the Agent’s inbound call greeting menu! 

By educating Tenants to use the Non-Urgent Repair option when they call to report a repair, it makes better use of staff time resources as the system removes the need for them to be involved with those repetitive calls. 

Please try our demo office number and see just how easy it is for both Tenants and Agents.

CALL 07481 359444

You can also test the desk top demo by completing your details in the boxes. You need to enter your actual mobile number in order to receive the text. When completed just click on “Report Repair” and then “Send Text” buttons.

Answer each question by entering the appropriate code and sending the reply text.





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“I don’t want anything complicated I just want to send my customers a reminder they’ve an appointment with me this week!”

A perfect example of how automated SMS can help to reduce the number of missed appointments and increase profits because technology never forgets. A basic reminder solution designed for the myriad of reasons a businesses would need, can be created through a very flexible and cost effective PAYG system!

Business Social Media Chat


“With so many of our staff working from home & customers communicating on social media, then we are concerned about them using their personal social media channels to engage with customers”

Consumers have become increasingly demanding and prefer to engage with a business through their favourite social media channel. Info Quick integrates both WhatsApp, Messenger and SMS into one bespoke communication and marketing platform that offer PAYG as well as subscription options!

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