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… should be from a Business Messaging Platform and not your employees mobile!

There are multiple reasons why it make sense to send customers a text message with one of the main reasons being that 98% of texts are read unlike emails which are often ignored! 

Tasks such as reminding a customer they have an appointment, goods they’ve ordered are now ready for collection, the item they wanted is now in stock and sending links to products on your website when dealing with inbound phone enquiries, are just a few examples!

The problem your staff face however is that they have no fast and efficient way to send a BUSINESS text message, especially when they’re on a call and the situation demands positive action.

Staff should not be placed in a position where they use their own personal mobile but it will be happening in almost every company and this is bad practice for two important reasons.

First… if a situation arises where that text message becomes important for clarification of an order or more seriously a disputed order, then this could cause issues with staff because they will probably have deleted those messages!

Secondly and by far the more serious is that from a GDPR perspective it is exceptionally bad practice to expect employees to use their own personal mobiles for business communications with customers as it not only compromises their privacy but it can encourage fraudsters to target these employees to gain access to valuable data within the company.

With our Business Messaging Platform your staff don’t have to worry about little things like this because with pre-formatted text messages its just one click to display a message or write a new one and then entering the caller’s mobile number plus three other fields and it’s ready to be sent using your own dedicated BUSINESS mobile number!

We build each one of the TEXT MESSAGE MANAGERS to a businesses own specifications but to give you a basic feel for how this would work then we have a demonstration below which can try free of charge.

You would have a number of preformatted messages so your staff don’t have to write a new message every time. On the demo we have three; ENQUIRY, VOUCHER and CONTACT. Click on any one of these to view the text message that is going to be sent. Then complete the details in the right hand column, making sure you enter you actual mobile number. Then click SUBMIT

Subject to your mobile network provider you should receive that message immediately.





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Privacy: any personal data submitted to Info Quick UK Ltd. through the forms and demos on this website will be held by the company to process said enquiry and send further details relevant to that enquiry and the services Info Quick provide. We will not pass these details to any third party organisations or individuals without your written consent. Please use the links at the bottom of this page to view our Privacy notice where you can provide that consent if you wish to extend your consensual permissions.

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“We are getting increasingly concerned about the instances of online fraud and whilst we have not had any problems we cannot afford to be complacent!”

Now more than ever before businesses need to put in place authentication processes to make sure that the person they’re dealing with, whether that’s online or offline, is who they say they are! Adding another tier of security doesn’t have to cost a fortune and Info Quick can provide cost effective solutions.

Business Social Media Chat


“With so many of our staff working from home & customers communicating on social media, then we are concerned about them using their personal social media channels to engage with customers”

Consumers have become increasingly demanding and prefer to engage with a business through their favourite social media channel. Info Quick integrates both WhatsApp, Messenger and SMS into one bespoke communication and marketing platform that offer PAYG as well as subscription options!


“I don’t want anything complicated I just want to send my customers a reminder they’ve an appointment with me this week!”

A perfect example of how automated SMS can help to reduce the number of missed appointments and increase profits because technology never forgets. A basic reminder solution designed for the myriad of reasons a businesses would need, can be created through a very flexible and cost effective PAYG system!

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