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You may find it hard to believe but on average only 16% of emails are opened!

But don’t take our word for it but Constant Contact, one of the world’s largest campaign email providers to small and medium sized businesses. Their December 2020 Average Industry Rates for Emails provides data from every sector!

They send tens of millions of emails every month for their customers, so this is a pretty good barometer and guide to what a business could expect.

However email campaigns depend on many factors such as the product itself, the state of the market, the most productive time of year and budget to name but a few of the factors. It is admittedly biased towards smaller businesses using their free account options, who will be the bulk of the client bank but this will be very relevant to many business owners reading this page!

The image below is a snapshot of this data from Constant Contact and covers almost all industry sectors. The row across the top shows the average figure and on “Open Rate (%)” you will see that it is 16.06% !

Average Email Open rate

To view the complete table and compare your results with your market sector just tap the image.

UK Digital marketing and technology experts, Smart Insights, have highlighted in the past how businesses should seriously consider SMS as a way to market their products and services to consumers and one of the reasons they gave was…

“SMS is a really simple and accessible way of engaging with each other and with an open rate of 98%, it is heads and shoulders above any other communication method in terms of read rate. Most people send and receive text messages on a daily basis so we know your customers will like, have access to and know how to use SMS”

The flexibility of our soon to be launched Communications and Marketing Platform is that it will not only provide a seamless way of compiling outbound messaging but play a masterful role in engaging new customers when integrated into your marketing campaigns.

Millions of businesses across the world have built their success on the back of email marketing and will continue to do so however in a highly competitive business world it is more important than ever, if not business critical, to consider multiple ways to put your sales message in front of potential customers to compliment rather than replace your email marketing.

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Business Social Media Chat


“With so many of our staff working from home & customers communicating on social media, then we are concerned about them using their personal social media channels to engage with customers”

Consumers have become increasingly demanding and prefer to engage with a business through their favourite social media channel. Info Quick integrates both WhatsApp, Messenger and SMS into one bespoke communication and marketing platform that offer PAYG as well as subscription options!

QR CODES - don't have to be boring!

“We all know what those strange bar codes are for now as we’ve seen them everywhere since the Covid Pandemic. Now I understand what they do then I can see the opportunities to use them in my business but find them far to predictable and of course… black and boring!”

This is where Info Quick can really help businesses as we create beautiful QR Codes. One of the major uses of a QR Code is to provide instant access to product information and so are seen in marketing and poster campaigns. But in an ultra competitive world, your business needs to make sure your QR Code stands out from the crowd!

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