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Amazingly the QR Code has been around since 1994. It had been invented by a Japanese Auto manufacturer, Denso Wave, as a way to track vehicles during manufacture and enable high speed component scanning.

But it has taken a worldwide epidemic for them to be instantly recognised as a conduit through which a quick scan of the code by a mobile phone can allow a multitude of things to happen. This of course was because we were thrust into a world were touching things could pass on Covid 19 and so this was the perfect way to avoid touch as much as possible.

Info Quick as a company had indeed tried to promote the use of QR Codes to businesses many years ago but were met with blank looks and disinterest from businesses. Looking back at that time the main reason was because they felt consumers would not understand what they were which meant you would have to also include written explanations alongside the QR Code and so in many ways it was self-defeating!

But we now live in a totally different world, and no matter where you are you will see QR Codes being used across all sectors and for many different reasons. When you consider that almost everyone carries a mobile phone, which combined with the fact that they all now understand what a QR Code is, then businesses should think very seriously about incorporating them into their marketing and administrative processes.

But like all things in business and in particular those sectors where there is a high level of competition, then you will always want to make your company stand out from the crowd in order to capture the attention of consumers.

The QR Code in its basic format is to be perfectly honest, “black and very boring” and left in that basic format it reduces the chance of it being noticed. Of course, if it is part of a powerfully created marketing campaign then the negative design aspects of the QR Code would reduce significantly as consumers would still be likely to scan the code.

But for those SMB’s who are not able to run marketing campaigns of the type referred to then the impact of the QR Code has a more central role in the capture of people’s attention and the resultant scanning of the QR Code.

Info Quick design amazing QR Codes that seamlessly blend into any medium that a client wishes and does not have to be just for marketing purposes as beautifully designed QR Codes look so much more appealing when used for signs and notices in retail and business premises than a short sentence and a boring black and white QR Code ever will!

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“I don’t want anything complicated I just want to send my customers a reminder they’ve an appointment with me this week!”

A perfect example of how automated SMS can help to reduce the number of missed appointments and increase profits because technology never forgets. A basic reminder solution designed for the myriad of reasons a businesses would need, can be created through a very flexible and cost effective PAYG system!


“We are getting increasingly concerned about the instances of online fraud and whilst we have not had any problems we cannot afford to be complacent!”

Now more than ever before businesses need to put in place authentication processes to make sure that the person they’re dealing with, whether that’s online or offline, is who they say they are! Adding another tier of security doesn’t have to cost a fortune and Info Quick can provide cost effective solutions.

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