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Social Media chat of a data breach is far more damaging than a GDPR fine.  In the blink of an eye customers would be seriously considering moving their business elsewhere and the consequence of that could be devastating for a business!  

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GDPR Fines levied by the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) have soared since the introduction of the legislation in 2018 which heralded a sea change in the responsibilities of a business to protect the personal data of their customers.

Even if it was only a mobile phone number it now became extremely important they put in place a system to protect that data in order to minimise the chances of a GDPR Fine.

The consequences of having a data breach could cost a business £8.7 million or 2% of the total annual worldwide turnover in the preceding financial year, whichever was higher as being the potential GDPR Fine

So even a business with a turnover of just £50,000 could face having to pay a GDPR Fine of £1000 !

The vast majority of data breaches occur online where criminals, or bad actors as they are more commonly referred to, steal a persons identify and then use that data to access bank accounts, apply for loans, purchase goods and a whole host of other scams.

But it is not just online where these incidents occur and whilst the media focus tends to be about national brands who’ve suffered huge online data breaches and GDPR Fines, there are growing incidents of fraudsters purporting to be a customer and using the stolen data to clear security procedure’s put in place by businesses in offline situations!

A high proportion of data breaches occur through human error or weak internal security procedures. In fact in the annual survey by Verizon it showed that 22% of all breaches were caused through human error…

The most common errors involved sensitive information being sent to the wrong person. This might involve sending an email to the wrong person, attaching the wrong document or handing a physical file to someone who shouldn’t have access to the information.

The next most common cause of human error was misconfiguration, which typically involves leaving a database containing sensitive information online without any password restrictions.

But more concerning are the security procedures used by the vast majority of businesses in verifying the identity of a customer, in particular on inbound phone calls. Watch this video to see if you recognise this procedure in your business and if you do then at the very least you should seek a demonstration of how IDChek would prevent a data breach happening and an unwanted GDPR Fine…

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Data Breaches down to human error
Pickpocket offences double


“I don’t want anything complicated I just want to send my customers a reminder they’ve an appointment with me this week!”

A perfect example of how automated SMS can help to reduce the number of missed appointments and increase profits because technology never forgets. A basic reminder solution designed for the myriad of reasons a businesses would need, can be created through a very flexible and cost effective PAYG system!

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“With so many of our staff working from home & customers communicating on social media, then we are concerned about them using their personal social media channels to engage with customers”

Consumers have become increasingly demanding and prefer to engage with a business through their favourite social media channel. Info Quick integrates both WhatsApp, Messenger and SMS into one bespoke communication and marketing platform that offer PAYG as well as subscription options!


“We are getting increasingly concerned about the instances of online fraud and whilst we have not had any problems we cannot afford to be complacent!”

Now more than ever before businesses need to put in place authentication processes to make sure that the person they’re dealing with, whether that’s online or offline, is who they say they are! Adding another tier of security doesn’t have to cost a fortune and Info Quick can provide cost effective solutions.

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