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Thanks for trying our demo

Thanks for trying our Appointment + Reminder demo and you should receive the first text message from the “Estate Agent” very shortly, subject to your mobile network provider of course!

You will see the system from your customers perspective and how they would be happy to know their request has been reported but more importantly, have the text messages to support this.

As far as your business is concerned it means repetitive tasks can be automated whilst retaining customer goodwill and making more productive use of staff time resources.

Don’t forget that automation can also be applied to sales situations where enquiries can be handled in this way. Usage is only restricted by the boundaries of one’s imagination!


Each business would need an application built around their own unique procedures which can be for either B2C or B2B or both!

Answers submitted by the user can be captured and exported directly into a database or simply emailed to a dedicated address.

Every business is different so we work closely with you to meticulously create the best application for YOUR business!


All our applications function on a Pay As You Go basis where you buy usage credits and when the balance falls below it’s agreed threshold, a new payment is triggered to top up the balance of credits.

 There are NO up front fees and so your business can be up and running with no financial risk.

So don’t hesitate… if this is something you’ve been thinking about for some time then now’s your chance to get it built!

Complete the form with brief details of your process and we’ll contact you as soon as possible… don’t forget it’s also free to talk!

Privacy: any personal data submitted to Info Quick UK Ltd. through the forms and demos on this website will be held by the company to process said enquiry and send further details relevant to that enquiry and the services Info Quick provide. We will not pass these details to any third party organisations or individuals without your written consent. Please use the links at the bottom of this page to view our Privacy notice where you can provide that consent if you wish to extend your consensual permissions.


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